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The Mission

What is the mission of the platform is one of the most asked questions related to our work. Well, the plan started quite simple, with us thinking that maybe we could do a huge list, with each separate category, niches, ages, etc, all on one page and from one menu. It would have been a simple HTML page with basic data and links straight to the model’s performers. But in time, we figured out that it is a bit more important to have a stable platform for us to use. And when that happened, when we added a little bit more work, that’s when we figured out that ‘’hey, this is pretty good’’! So we went ahead and pushed to build CamsParty, one of the finest platforms in the world, the result of the honest work of so many people. We hope you enjoy our mission and maybe you can help us push it upstream so that everybody that needs it finds it!


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How it works?

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