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Is that right? Imagine waking up on a lovely Sunday afternoon, with Bach in the background. As the violin gently weeps, he enters the room. We’ll call him. Franz. He’s cute, charming, smart, and willing. Willing to do what?... Well, anything you might ask. Anything you command! Any wild fantasy you might have, every order you come up with on the spot. As he comes close to your feet, he’s wearing only a white towel, to cover his small cock. You don’t want to be distracted too early in the morning! Now all you have to do is clear your mind and think of what dirty tricks the two of you should get up to together. What perverted humiliation are you going to inflict on him today?

Maybe you want to inflict a little bit of pain and discipline on him. That might make both of you happy at any hour, but maybe now it’s time for something special. Something you haven’t done before, but both of you were secretly thinking about it. Something… memorable perhaps? Special moments are born out of spontaneous situations, right? Then something dirty comes up. You hesitate to ask. But then you remember: I am the master! I can do anything I want. So you take the slave boy, who’s happy to try something new, and get ready for some harsh pain and humiliation training...

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